The Dress

How to Shop for Your Perfect Prom Dress Online

The time for choosing what to wear to prom has finally come! But, how to start? Some girls know exactly what they want in a perfect prom dress, whether it be a curve-hugging mermaid dress in sleek satin or a regal ball gown with layers of lush tulle. Others are ready to explore the possibilities among the countless design details on formal dresses for prom, from sequins and beading to lace appliques and embroidery. Wherever you are in the process, this Prom Guide has tips for finding your ideal style and size, advice for prom dress shopping online and avoiding the disappointment caused by counterfeit dress sites, as well as information on how to care for your dress before, during, and after prom.

The Perfect Dress

How can you find the perfect prom dress? Start by checking out the suggestions in this part of the Prom Guide! Follow these tips on how to find a formal dress for prom that complements your hair and skin tone, as well as how to match your prom dress features to special event themes. Want to sport a classic look or the latest trends? You’ll find highlights on prom dress fashions that are timeless and modern.

Choosing a Prom Dress Color
Choosing a Prom Dress Style
Choosing a Prom Dress by Theme
Current & Classic Prom Dress Trends

Online Dress Shopping

Want to buy your prom dress online? The height of convenience, prom dress shopping online can be easy to navigate with the tips in this section of the Prom Guide. With advice on sizing, returns, exchanges, and shipping times, you’ll be well prepared to order your perfect prom dress online with confidence and ease.

Finding Prom Dresses Online
Checking Prom Dress Sizing
Returning & Exchanging Prom Dresses
Ordering Prom Dresses Online

Dress Fit

How can you find your perfect prom dress size when shopping online? Even though you can’t try on the dress in advance, figuring out your size is as simple as taking your measurements and using online size charts. Check out the how-to video on measurements and recommendations on how to get your best prom dress fit in this section of the Prom Guide.

How to Take Accurate Measurements
Why Prom Dress Sizing is Important
Prom Dress Lengths
Prom Dress Sizing Conversions
What to Do if Between Dress Sizes

Dress Care

Accidents happen! So, how do you remove wrinkles or stains from your prom dress? That will depend upon the fabric and type of stain. Do you want to preserve your dress after prom? Find all the advice you’ll need about how to care for your prom dress before, during, and after the big night in this part of the Prom Guide.

What to Do When Your Prom Dress Arrives
How to Treat Wrinkles
How to Remove Stains
How to Treat Prom Dress Snags
How to Preserve Your Prom Dress

Spotting Counterfeits

How do you find a reliable prom dress site? It all starts by being able to tell the difference between an authorized seller of designer dresses and a counterfeit dress site. While the first will provide you with a beautiful designer style, the latter will advertise a designer dress, but provide a disappointing cheap knock-off instead. Explore this section of the Prom Guide for tips on finding authentic prom dresses and advice on how to avoid counterfeit prom dress woes.

How to Spot Counterfeit Websites