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What’s Hot for 2023 Homecoming Dresses

Three teens in 2023 trendy homecoming dresses with feathers and sequins.

Looking for the insider scoop on what’s hot for 2023 homecoming dresses? PromGirl has got you covered with the latest intel on the trendy homecoming dresses for 2023 dances. Whether you’re hoping for a cute and flirty vibe this year or a totally sexy ensemble, these six homecoming dress trends offer stylish options for everyone.

2023 Homecoming Dress Trends: Top 6

  1. Barbiecore Dresses: With the movie launch in July, it’s no surprise that all things Barbie are trending, even for homecoming dresses. Barbiecore is all about being girly in the best way, especially with the signature power color: pink! You’re sure to see lots of super feminine hot pink homecoming dresses for 2023! Shop PromGirl's pink homecoming dresses here.
  2. Dresses with Feathers: Fun, flirty, and fabulously soft, feathers are a top feature for 2023 homecoming dresses. You’ll find them accenting straps, sleeves, or necklines or adding gorgeous texture and movement to skirts. Shop PromGirl's homecoming dresses with feathers here.
  3. Mini Dresses: Not only are this year’s hot homecoming dresses super short, but they also hug all the curves in a snug bodycon style. If a sexy little number is what you crave, then you’ll be in good company among the tight mini homecoming dresses this season. Shop PromGirl's bodycon mini homecoming dresses here.
  4. Sequin Dresses: If a glamorous, spotlight-worthy look is your endgame, then sequin homecoming dresses have got you covered this year! From classic neckline to hem sequins to gorgeous sequin patterns, this 2023 homecoming dress trend offers a range of sparkling options for everyone. Shop PromGirl's sequin homecoming dresses here.
  5. One-Shoulder Dresses: The perfect balance between a sexy strapless style and a comfortable, supportive strap or sleeve style, one-shoulder dresses are hard to resist this year. First trending for prom, this popular style is just as stunning on short homecoming dresses too! Shop PromGirl's one-shoulder homecoming dresses here.
  6. Fringe Dresses: A little bit sassy and a little bit sultry, homecoming dresses with fringe accents are a 2023 hoco favorite. The swaying fringe adds a little extra sashay to every step and swing to every dance move. For a little extra razzle dazzle, go for a dress with beaded fringe! Shop PromGirl's homecoming dresses with fringe here.
Teen wearing a pink homecoming dress following the Barbiecore trend.Teen wearing a black 2023 homecoming dress following the feather trend.Teen wearing a tight short homecoming dress following the mini dress trend.Teen wearing a sparkling sequin homecoming dress following the 2023 sequin trend.Teen wearing a red 2023 homecoming dress following the one-shoulder trend.Teen wearing a fringed homecoming dress following the 2023 fringe trend.

Now that you know all about the hot and trendy homecoming dresses for 2023, it’s time to pick your favorite! If it feels impossible to choose, we’ve got good news for you: There are gorgeous 2023 homecoming dresses with more than one of these popular features! So if you’re all about Barbiecore and want a little feather or fringe action to really elevate that feminine vibe, then go right ahead and wear a chic hoco dress with the on-trend details you love. Of course, you won’t want to miss PromGirl’s collection of hot homecoming dresses where you’re sure to discover irresistible styles that are both classic and trendy.

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