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Prom Jewelry for Formal Occasions

Shop prom jewelry at PromGirl to polish off your formal look with just the right amount of glamour. Whether you’re looking for cheap jewelry for prom or affordable accessories for gifts, PromGirl has a variety of designs that are sure to please. From sparkling bangle bracelets for prom to sophisticated prom bracelets with watch attachments, the wrist accessories in this assortment offer fabulous options for different formal dress styles. The dangling prom earrings beautifully complement the shimmering prom necklaces, and the cubic zirconia prom rings further enhance the dazzle factor. With these bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings for prom, you’re sure to find more than one stunning match to your formal attire.

4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Prom Jewelry

When it comes to the question of what kind of jewelry you should wear to prom, the short answer is it depends on your style and your prom dress design. You want to be true to your own style preferences, and of course, you want your gorgeous prom gown to remain the highlight of your overall look. So how do you stay true to yourself while keeping the balance between prom jewelry and dress? Check out these 4 tips on how to pick jewelry for prom:

  1. Consider your Natural Style. If you like it simple, keep it simple with one statement piece. If you like to glam it up on the regular, go all out! Get a gorgeous set of matching prom bracelets, necklace, earrings, and/or rings.

  2. Decide to Match or Contrast. Is your dress a simple, understated style? This is the perfect opportunity to boldly contrast it with some flashy prom bling! Is your dress already dazzling? You can match with smaller sparkling pieces or contrast with a simple metallic piece to keep the focus on your dress.

  3. Keep in Mind Your Dress Fabric and Neckline. Picture yourself in your dress and prom jewelry, then imagine walking around and dancing. If your accessories rub up against the dress a lot or drape awkwardly against it, you might want to skip the jewelry. Lace, for example, is easy to snag, so avoid the bracelets and prom rings that could hook into the delicate fabric. Wearing a high-neck or one-shoulder gown? Skip the necklace for those prom styles.

  4. Plan Out Your Hairstyle. If you plan to style your hair up and behind the ears, then your neckline and ears will be on full display. That’s the perfect time to choose a beautiful prom necklace and earring set. On the other hand, if your hair will be down, there’s the potential for snags.

Ready to choose your prom jewelry? Explore PromGirl’s accessories to find your favorite bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings for prom. Still need to choose your prom gown before you can properly accessorize? Shop PromGirl’s selection of prom dresses first, then come on back to shop prom jewelry to complete your look. For more advice on choosing the perfect prom jewelry, be sure to check out the Prom Accessories section of PromGirl’s Prom Guide.

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