Prom Committee

Use this progress checklist to get an idea of what the entire prom committee thinks of the job that is being done. Rate the following categories on a scale of 1 - 5, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent.

Prom Committee Status Report


Schedule for Prom Committee Organization

Where is it going to be? What are the colors? What’s the theme? What are we going to do when the prom is over?

  1. Make a worksheet I have given you the basics, but there may be special prom related things you would like to schedule in your planner. And make the first item SAVE MONEY!
  2. Early 4th month If you’re not on the prom committee now, get on it! By this point things like the budget, theme, date, and even band should be reviewed...
  3. Late 4th month Start to work on getting the place. Menu, invitations, favors, and possible chaperones need to be picked. It’s never too early to start planning that post-prom blow-out!
  4. Early 3rd month Start making final arrangements on important things like location and band. Chances are, there are a few schools in the area that like the same things you do!
  5. Late 3rd month Make it personal! Don’t forget yourself in all the excitement! Make transportation arrangements. Reserve a corsage. Work out!
  6. 4-6 weeks ahead Make sure ticket sales are happening. Deal with seating arrangements. Get those invites out to the faculty.
  7. 1 month ahead Double check on everything! Confirm reservations on flowers, transportation, “Post-Prom” party, photos and chaperones. Is EVERYTHING okay with the band?
  8. 1 week ahead Confirm the caterer and the facility. Make sure everyone who needs to be paid is paid

Prom Committee Titles and Responsibilities

(And What They Mean)

  • Chairperson – I suppose he or she is the boss of the prom. If they want that responsibility, let them have it. Somebody has to make final decisions, or you’ll have graduated and they’ll still be arguing over what the theme is.
  • Vice Chairperson – is really here to make decisions if the Chairperson is not around!
  • Treasurer - takes care of all the expenses, the budget, and the ticket sales.
  • Secretary - takes notes of all the dealings that go on in the meetings…especially who is designated to what job! (This way if anyone is slacking you’ll know just who it is!!)
  • Decorations - these people are in charge of buying all the prom decorations.
  • Flower - this person is responsible for picking out the flowers & distributor.
  • Music - takes care of hiring the band or the DJ.
  • Food - takes care of all the food decisions.
  • Site Chairperson - is in charge of picking out where the prom is to be held.
  • Faculty Advisor - this is teacher of faculty member that is foreseeing all the decisions being made.
  • PTA liaison - takes care of finding responsible chaperones.

Prom Sub-Committee Responsibilities

A sub-committee is a group of students that sign up to work on a specific area within the prom committee.

Sub-committees can be broken up as follows:

  • Marketing/publicity - Their job is to inform as many people about as many things regarding the prom as possible. This includes info for a website, sent to the public about the events leading to the prom, and publicity about fund raisers or prom business.
  • Fundraising -This department creates revenue to insure the prom happens. Things like bake sales, car washes, and dances.
  • Ticket committee -This committee chooses the actual info that will be printed on the prom ticket, along with setting up a schedule to sell tickets, and keeping track of all ticket sales.
  • Decoration committee -They’re in charge of the site decorations. A big job!
  • Site coordination committee -Their job is reserving the site and insuring proper parking.
  • Security -Security is the hosts and hostesses of the prom (generally your teachers and parents).
  • Entertainment committee -This committee is responsible for booking the DJ, or hiring a band.
  • Photo committee -It’s their job to find the professional photographer for the prom.
  • Menu committee - Works with the catering company to develop a menu for the prom.
  • Favors committee -Researches and purchases the favors or souvenirs that will be handed out.
  • Clean-up committee -Arrange clean-up after prom.
  • Royal court committee -If you are having a king and queen the committee organizes the method and balloting that will select the royal court.

Prom Supplies and Prom Ideas for Decorating

Go to the local party supply store or shop online and ask them to “sponsor the class” by donating or selling items at a discounted price. In turn, you will give them publicity by mentioning them in the school or local newspaper, and include them in your prom program.

Some online stores have entire prom kits that include everything needed for your event.

Because you are purchasing for a school activity, you are entitled to “tax free status” purchases. Get the tax waiver forms from your principal’s office before making any purchases with local retailers.

Buy small clear Christmas lights or borrow them from student families. Purchase netting or tulle from a fabric shop (you’ll need yards of it) and make beautiful long swags of netting with lights running through them! Add silk ivy or flowers for a springtime romantic feeling. Drape these swags at the entrances, or along the ceiling, and use them for the backdrop for the band or D.J.

Balloons of course, are always a “fun and festive” space filler for large areas! Inexpensive helium balloons in large packages can be purchased through companies such as or helium tanks can be rented from local companies. Bunches of balloons in your prom theme colors can be set on each table! You can float balloons to the ceiling, but just remember to make the ribbons long enough so that they can be reached!

Create a special prom photo area just in case your hired photographers' setting is not up to your standards. Try to borrow a wooden trellis (a local nursery may loan this to you) to stand under. Decorate it with netting/ tulle, lights, flowers or Ivy. Add some beautiful potted plants of varying heights and place them along each side and around the back. You can also spray paint long branches (white paint works best) and add small clear lights to them! Put a bunch in a pretty pot, secure them with rocks so that they stand up, and place them in the corners! Then add low romantic lighting and you’re all set!

Go the natural, sophisticated approach and have tons of flowers! They can be wild flowers, flowers grown especially for prom via science class, or even flowers donated from families, local florists, or churches after a wedding! Just remember, there is a budget to abide by. Whatever you can afford will be the determining factor. Never forget that “less is more”! A tasteful well thought out arrangement can be more powerful than a million tossed around flowers.

Lights such as colorful disco or strobe lights can be rented at many places. A ceiling disco ball (don’t let the name fool you) is always a magical touch! It’s a big ball suspended from the ceiling. It is covered with tiny squares of individual glass mirrors and it spins. When a light is directed towards it, thousands of reflected, moving, penny size dots fill the room. It gives you a magical feeling!