Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup Advice, Tips, and Tricks

Prom makeup can be one of the most fun parts of prom preparation, taking an exciting evening look to the next level. Just a pop of color on the lips or a touch of powder goes a long way, making the skin glow and the confidence show. Picking makeup to match your prom dress is an opportunity to get creative and play with a rainbow of exciting shades. Whether you wish to do your own makeup for prom or get a professional to do everything for you, the process can be a total cinch. Explore all options on the color wheel, or just the ones that you’re comfortable with, to highlight the eyes, emphasize the lips, and enhance the skin. No matter what, leave ample time to experiment with prom makeup and feel free to ask close friends and family for their advice. If you’re seeing a makeup artist on prom night, you can get a professional opinion too. PromGirl has even compiled a list of little makeup tricks to help set you in the right direction and absolutely nail it on prom night.