The Suit

What to Wear: Finding a Suit or Tux for Prom

Since there will be a ton of pictures taken on the night of prom, you’ll want to ensure that your formal prom attire is on point. Wearing a black-tie prom tuxedo or a formal prom suit is one way to establish your fashion savviness while achieving a dapper look. Ensuring your prom suit or tux matches your date’s prom dress or coordinates with your group will instantly take your look, and the pictures, to a whole new level. While what to wear to prom can vary depending upon your plans to attend prom solo, with a group of friends, or with your high school sweetheart, looking and feeling your best is key to having a great time.

If you are going with a date or a group of friends, ask their opinion on the matter of formal prom attire. Wearing a prom suit or tux that coordinates with a date’s prom dress or that matches the attire of people you are attending prom with is the perfect way to tell the room, “I am with them.” If you’ve opted to attend prom solo, your options for what to wear to prom are endless and can really highlight your personal style. Most important, you want to be comfortable and confident at prom, so wear the prom suit or prom tux that is best suited for you. Whether you’re looking for a tux or want to ensure that your date’s prom tux will match your formal prom attire, this section of the Prom Guide provides advice on how to select a prom suit or tux for prom that will achieve a polished look and coordinate well with a prom dress.