Stylist Fashion Tips on What to Wear to Prom

Fashion Tips

ERICA ROSENFELD (left) and SUSAN PARKER (right) are the founders of the Shimmer Prom Dress line. With a keen eye for the latest trends, they infuse years of experience in the fashion industry into their designs.

Tip # 1 You want your dress to be unique, fit you like a glove, and most important, you want to feel comfortable and beautiful!

Tip #2 Places and vendors book up quick, so be sure to plan ahead. Book your limo in advance, order your corsage, and schedule your hair and make-up appointment as soon as you know the date of your prom.

Tip # 3 The perfect dress can be ruined by the slip of a bra strap, or the dreaded panty line! Bring your undergarments with you to your fittings to make sure everything is perfectly altered.

Tip # 4 Be sure to include: bobby pins, a mirror, blotting papers, travel size deodorant, and double sided tape.

Tip # 5 Less is always more when it comes to your make-up. Choose one feature you want to dramatize and remember to play down the rest.

Men's Tips

DAVID MUTTER is the CEO of the high-end neckwear and apparel brand, Beau Ties. With almost a decade of experience in fashion including a stint as a CEO of a multi-national manufacturing company, Mutter's collection is sought after by gentlemen around the globe who want to add the perfect finishing touch to their outfit.

Tip # 1 Rent the tux. Buy the tie. Not only do you get to choose to wear something other than black (which is perfectly acceptable), you end up with a tie you can wear again.

Tip #2 Don’t be cheap. Inexpensive ties look tired and worn as soon as you put them on. It’s prom. You don’t want to look tired and worn. There’s no need, however, to break the bank on a tie. You can buy a top-of-the-line handmade tie for between $40 and $70. It is an investment that pays off immediately.

Tip # 3 Your prom night should be one that you’ll always remember with a smile. So why not make your tie a part of the memory by having it monogrammed or dated?

Tip # 4 Simple rule: Slender frame, slim tie; larger frame, big tie.

Tip # 5 A savvy man knows that his tie and cummerbund should always match. Always. There is never a time when a mixed and matched tie/cummerbund combination works.

From dress to jewelry ~ to the perfect little bag, it’s important to know the terms of the business, & where to go to find everything you need for your perfect prom look.