What to wear to Prom

Prom Fashion Advice: What to Wear to Prom

Prom season has a funny way of sneaking up on even the most forward-thinking fashionista! With so many prom dress styles available, any assistance navigating the sea of prom fashion possibilities can be a big lifesaver. As every social-savvy girl can attest, even the smallest fashion detail matters for nailing that one-of-a-kind, Insta-worthy moment. Prom dresses come in a dizzying array of cuts and colors, and topping it with the right prom accessories can quickly make (or break) the look. With head-to-toe fashion advice in this section of the Prom Guide, learn how to flatter and flaunt your best features, from the Pinterest-inspired prom updo to the perfectly pedicured toes. The experts at PromGirl have the breakdown of what to wear, starting with the all-important statement dress and finishing the look with accessories like eye-catching jewelry and prom heels that give you a runway-worthy sashay. Worried about your date's prom attire? Don't sweat it, there's fashion advice for that too!



Prom is so much more than just a party, so why settle for just a party dress? A prom dress is often considered the most significant part of the entire prom experience, so you should choose a dress that expresses your individuality! Take advantage of the tips in this section of the Prom Guide that explore ways to find your ideal style by body type, color, theme, or the latest trends. There's also an informative dress-fitting video on how to ensure a prom-perfect fit, as well as tips for keeping your new prom dress in tip-top shape from delivery to preservation. Easily avoid potential pitfalls like purchasing prom dresses from counterfeit websites. These bait-and-switch websites advertise gorgeous prom dresses at incredibly low prices, but deliver low quality, counterfeit items that look nothing like the dresses that were advertised. Thankfully, right here in this Prom Guide, we'll show you how to spot these counterfeit sites and avoid getting scammed.

Once you've found the perfect dress, the right prom accessories bring your look to the next level! Jewelry, shoes, and clutches can add a layer of excitement to your outfit, but styling details can trip up even the most confident fashionistas. Explore how to highlight a strapless dress with shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings, or add sparkling charm to a one-shoulder Grecian-style dress with glittering studs. Want to show off dramatic prom heels in a high-low dress, or jazz up your look with rhinestone sneakers? Let PromGirl help you sort through the nuances of coordinating all of your prom accessories for your favorite dress style.

Easy to overlook, flowers are a notably important prom accessory. Dating back to the early days of prom traditions, exchanging corsages and boutonnieres is a long-standing, cherished ritual between prom dates. Exotic, tropical flowers can create an attention-grabbing contrast to prom dresses and suits, while subtle, delicate blooms add soft, gentle flair and elegance. Either way, coordinating flowers with your prom attire can really complete the entire look. Flowers even have meanings and make a statement. Hint: Pick sunny yellow flowers if you want to signal friendship, but choose a fiery red if you're seeking romance. Follow the fashion-worthy floral advice for prom in this section of the Prom Guide to make sure your corsage is on-point for prom night!

Suiting up to stand out shouldn't always be the goal. Your date's attire should allow him to express his unique style, but also complement yours; therefore, the right suit and tie (or tux and bow tie) for your date is essential. The perfect fit and colors are key. While some guys may opt for suits in muted shades to allow their dates to shine, other guys might want to rock a bold-colored shirt or pin-striped suit, joining their dates in the spotlight. Try coordinating suit styles among your prom squad for exceptional group shots. As suit fashion options continue to evolve with art and pop culture, you'll be surprised at the wealth of fashion choices for both guys and girls, so have fun exploring the possibilities!