What to Bring to Prom

Be Prepared: What Essentials to Bring to Prom

For prom night to go off without a hitch, it's important to prep your purse with all your prom night essentials. With all of the pre-prom craziness, it can be extremely helpful to identify beforehand what you want to bring to the event. Rushing out the door for hair or pictures, it's easy to forget something important like the prom tickets. Thankfully, a little extra prom preparation goes a long way in ensuring your prom is the best it can be from the first photo to the last dance. Make a list of personal belongings, school forms, and after prom necessities, and you're already a step in the the right direction with prom planning. With a definitive list of what to bring to prom it's easy to check that everything important makes its way into your purse, and, if you make it early enough, you might think of some items you previously missed. Make planning even more efficient by filling your bag early with some of the items you don't need everyday. By getting a headstart with this step, it'll be clear if more organization is necessary or if some larger objects will just need to stay behind.