How to be Prepared for Prom Night

Now before you climb into that ride, whether it’s a limo, your parent’s car, or the beat-down ride your boyfriend dared to show up in, be sure to check the weather. If there is the slightest chance of rain, don’t forget the umbrella. It would be embarrassing to show up looking like a drowned rat.

Sometimes the walk from the parking lot to the entrance of the event can be pretty long. You may want to bring more than just a wrap if it is very cold out. You can always check the jacket in at the coatroom. You may be glad you brought a jacket when you’re ready to leave.

If you are riding in your date’s car, be sure to check the fuel gauge. Who knows if a gas station will be open after the prom? You wouldn’t want your evening spoiled by running out of gas. What would be worse than ending the evening in a long cold stroll in those heels you can barely walk in.

Many schools have dinner included with the prom package, and many do not. If your school doesn’t offer dinner, be sure to plan ahead. Make reservations if you desire to dine at a nice restaurant. The restaurant will probably be filled with fellow prom goers, so leave plenty of time for dining. Being late may be fashionable, but you wouldn’t want to show up just in time for the final dance.

When ordering, keep in mind not to eat anything messy; you would just die if your dress were ruined before you even got to make your grand entrance. But if you do spill something on your dress, club soda is known to work miracles. Messy or not, be sure to put a napkin on your lap while you are eating.

Don’t over eat; stuffing yourself full may result in a very uncomfortable evening, as well as an ill-fitting dress.