After Prom

After Prom Parties: What to Do and What to Wear

Let's be real: The party definitely continues at the after prom parties. Planned out to a "T," the exciting activities that take place after the dance-floor lights go out are always different, but consistently fun. Whether it's a themed school function or a relaxed get-together elsewhere, after prom is the ideal time to have an absolute blast with friends. Often, schools will put together after prom festivities with themes, separate from the prom's theme, but they all tend to involve games and entertainment. Engaging in activities for after prom outside of school offers even more options to keep the party alive all night. What to do is totally up to you, but planning for after prom can help make the entire night go swimmingly. This includes knowing what to wear after prom and packing it along for the ride. To kick the planning off right, explore this section of the Prom Guide for after prom ideas and suggestions for appropriate attire.