Prom Nails

Nail Care for Prom: Manicures and Pedicures

When planning your prom, you will want to add to the list the care and preparation of your nails. Happy hands and happy feet are a must to complete a gorgeous pulled-together prom look. Whether you choose to have clean natural prom nails or polished nails for prom that complement, match, or contrast your prom dress, you can check out this advice from PromGirl on DIY manicures and pedicures for prom and tips on what to expect from a professional salon manicure or pedicure. Take a look at Pinterest and other social media sites, as well as magazines, for great ideas to fancy up your prom nails for the big event. Treat yourself at home or in a salon with a prom mani-pedi to further accessorize your total prom look.