Prom Etiquette

Etiquette Advice: Manners Worthy of a Prom Queen

While manners for formals used to focus primarily on place settings and using the right fork for your salad, today's etiquette for formal events has changed with the times. Of course, using a fork is important, but it's more important to make sure that you're not spending all night glued to Instagram than to worry about which utensil to use! On the other hand, gross habits are always a major turnoff. Just think of the last time you saw someone sneeze into the air or spit on the ground when getting out of the car: Eww! Good manners make a huge difference in any situation, so good prom etiquette is super important for setting the right tone for your big night. For more prom advice on manners from PromGirl, please read on, and thank you, kindly.