Choosing and Asking Your Date to Prom

Advice on finding, keeping or ditching the guy of your dreams (or nightmares).


It's the new millennium and this is not Peggy Sue's prom it's yours. What I mean by this is times have changes since the fifties. A lot of things that weren't acceptable are now perfectly fine.

1. You don't need to have a boyfriend to have a date. It's perfectly acceptable to go to prom with a group of friends. And they don't have to be just girls either. You can go with a mixed group of guys and girls who aren't "involved" with each other; just friends, and just fun.

2. Going alone has become totally appropriate.

3. Asking a boy to your prom is completely okay. Yup, it's okay because it's your prom and it's your night. But, asking a young man if he would like to take you to his prom may be a little too forward. Good manners dictates whoever's school is throwing the prom has the asking privledges, but it's your call. Mom may say that this is wrong, but again times have changes. You may want to talk this over with her, keep in mind to stay level headed. Don't argue, or tell her she is old, just tell her that it is accepted in today's society to call boys, and ask them out.

I know that no matter what I say, there are those of you who will insist on finding a boy to take to the prom. Just remember that the sooner you get a date the better. You will have a lot of planning to

Remember: the sooner you get a date the better.  You and your date will have a lot to do.