How Much Will Attending The Prom Cost?

It all depends on your budget. Cost can vary greatly. It could cost anywhere from $175 to $2100. Let’s try to break it down to give you an idea of what it may cost.


$20 to $250 depending on the location. If your prom is being held in a fancy hotel, ballroom, or a night club it may be more costly than if it is being held in your school gymnasium. Remember, ticket prices usually include entry into the dance, the dinner, and the beverages, so find out before you plan to do a big dinner first!


A lot of proms don’t provide a full dinner, so you may decide to go out to eat. Dinner could run anywhere from $25 to $130 per person. It depends on where you decide to dine.


This cost will vary depending on your choices. You may decide to go to a salon to get your hair, make-up, and nails done, or you might opt to do it yourself. The cost here could be anywhere from $30 to $275.


The cost of your gown is completely up to you, and your budget. You may stitch one up yourself, go to a “one-of-a-kind” boutique, visit a thrift store, or hit a department store. Most prom dresses cost between $100 and $400.


The boy’s boutonniere usually costs from $10 to $20. It depends on the type of flowers.


Prices for professional photos range anywhere from $30 to $125. Most prom committees arrange for a photographer to take portraits of couples at some point during the evening. You will probably receive a pricelist beforehand. They may be prepaid, or you may need to pay at the event, so don’t forget your cash or check. You may choose not to get formal photos and use your own camera. Hey, that’s cool too.


Renting a limo is an extravagant option, but it is very common. They could cost anywhere from $200 to $500. The best approach is to get a group and split the cost.