Advice on Dating and Choosing a Prom Date

"I think traditionally, every girl dreams about having a guy ask her to prom just like in the movies... but in real life sometimes girls have to be bolder than the guys.  Some guys are intimidated by us gals, and really want to ask us out, but don't know how.  I think asking a guy is perfectly alright, as long as you feel confident ...and just remember, if he says no, a pack of girls can sometimes be just as fun as a boy/girl date."

"The best way to turn someone down is to thank them for their offer, then tell them that unfortunately someone got to you first.  And tell them that you'll see them there and save a dance for them.  Even if you have no intention of dancing with this person, it's still a nice gesture.  Just be gracious.  I always think to myself, wow, I made an impression on this person enough for them to dig up the courage to ask me out."