These are the Top Trends for 2019 Homecoming Dresses!

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Floral Print Homecoming Dresses

Floral Print Dresses

Floral prints are totally of-the-moment and it’s no different for homecoming 2019. Go all out with an allover floral print in a flattering color like pink or purple; find one in white to show off that summer tan; or go for something that hints at fall like a moody, navy floral print.

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Metallic Homecoming Dresses

Metallic Dresses

Metallics–especially in silver, gold and rose gold–are another one of our favorite homecoming dress styles. The trick to pulling it off is to make sure you choose a hue that complements your skin tone. So if you have yellow undertones, look for warm metallics like gold or a warm rose gold. If you tend to have cooler undertones, opt for silver and a cool rose gold.

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V-Neck Homecoming Dresses

V-Neck Dresses

V-necklines are universally flattering and there are a ton of V-neck dress options to choose from for homecoming. Look for a fitted silhouette and a V-neckline if you want that elegant, sophisticated style; try skater-style skirts and V-necklines to keep it on the more casual side; or go for more of a cocktail style with a heavier fabric like satin and a flared skirt.

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Sequins Homecoming Dresses

Sequins Dresses

We can’t get enough of the sequins dress trend and if you feel the same way, we have good news: There are a ton of homecoming dress options with sequins! Do an allover sequins dress in a bold color like blue opal; get a pretty vintage style in an unexpected color like grey; or, find a dress that strikes a balance between fun and fancy with sequins on the bodice and a simple chiffon skirt.

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Strappy Back Homecoming Dresses

Strappy Back Dresses

Open-back dresses with lots of straps are hot right now and we think it’s the perfect trend to try for homecoming. A strappy back is easy to wear (not to mention a very low risk for any wardrobe malfunctions) and the style lends itself well to simple dresses without a lot of embellishments–giving you a hoco style that’s playful and fun!

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