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Ready or Not: It’s Time to Prep for Prom!

Four teen girls sitting next to each other wearing different prom dress styles.
Now that prom is near, the excitement level is off the charts! It’s time to buckle down and start prepping for prom. While there could be a ton of planning for prom, it all really boils down to five main things you must do in order to be ready for prom night. Read on for PromGirl’s top 5 tips for prom preparations.

  1. Make a Prom Budget. Your wallet is sure to thank you later! There are so many expenses to consider for prom night, from the ticket and limo to your prom dress and accessories. Take the time to plan out everything you want to enjoy for prom and about how much it will cost you. PromGirl’s cost section of the Prom Guide can help you create your prom budget.
  2. Shop for Your Prom Dress and Accessories. Arguably one of the best parts of prepping for prom, choosing your prom dress, shoes, and accessories is both a perk and a necessity. Give yourself plenty of time to make big decisions about the color, style, and fit you want for your prom dress. Need tips on finding the perfect prom dress? The Prom Guide is here to help again! When you’re ready to shop, be sure to check out PromGirl’s latest prom dress styles.
  3. Decide on a Prom Date (or Not). Whether you want to go to prom with a date, your friends, or yourself, you’ll want to make a decision about a possible prom date in advance. For the best advice on going with or without a prom date, read up on the dating section of the Prom Guide.
  4. Plan Hair, Makeup, and Nails. You can go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route or hire professionals to polish your prom look (if your prom budget allows). Since many local stylists get booked up fast on prom day, you want to call and schedule your pampering well in advance. Before your appointment, decide on your hairstyle and color palette for makeup and nails. For DIY-ers, practice, practice, practice before prom day arrives. For more tips on choosing your prom hairstyle, makeup, and nail designs, the Prom Guide has got your back!
  5. Get into a Healthy Routine. You want to look and feel your best on prom night, so it’s a great idea to start caring for yourself well before prom. Your healthy prom prep might include a skin care regimen, getting plenty of rest, or taking part in a daily fitness routine. Choose whatever makes you feel healthy and happy so you can enjoy prom night to the fullest! For detailed tips on skin care or developing healthy routines, the Prom Guide has it covered.

With these 5 steps to get you started, you’ll be all set and prepped for prom. With proper (and early) planning for prom, you can enjoy the whole experience from start to finish with confidence.

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