Meet our 2019 PromGirl Model Contest Winner

From raiding Ariana Grande’s closet to her latest romper obsession!

Prom Girl: What grade are you going into?
Amanda: 10th Grade

Prom Girl: Did you go to 2019 prom or any other dances yet?
Amanda: I have not gone to prom yet, but I do have my big Sweet Sixteen Party coming up in September! I actually got my dress from the Prom Girl store. I am basing my party theme off the dress–blue and sparkly.

Prom Girl: What’s your favorite way to accessorize a dress?
Amanda: Jewelry. I love all kinds of accessories!

Prom Girl: If you could raid any celebrity’s closet, whose would it be?
Amanda: Ariana Grande.

Prom Girl: Favorite summer activity?
Amanda: Swimming at the beach.

Prom Girl: Which dress from the shoot today was your favorite?
Amanda: The striped romper and the green jumpsuit.

Prom Girl: What style of dress are you most comfortable in? What style of dress would you like to model?
Amanda: Casual dresses. Or any type of rompers or jumpsuits.

Prom Girl: What does being a PG model mean to you?
Amanda: It means you can express yourself and show your smile to the world.

Prom Girl: Best part of today's photoshoot?
Amanda: Being able to experience what it would be like to be a real model for the day!

Prom Girl: What made you enter the sweepstakes?
Amanda: I’ve always wanted to model.

Prom Girl: Is this the first of any prom contests you have entered?
Amanda: Yes.

Prom Girl: Favorite TV show?
Amanda: Riverdale - I love Veronica.

Prom Girl: Dream job?
Amanda: I always wanted to be a vet, but after this opportunity I would love to be a model.

Prom Girl: Do you play any sports?
Amanda: Cheer.

Prom Girl: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Amanda: Fiji, I love beaches.

Prom Girl: What do you love about PromGirl?
Amanda: They have dresses that suit everyone. There are so many options.

Prom Girl: What's your dream promposal look like?
Amanda: Doesn't matter what or where it is but I would love a lot of white roses.

Prom Girl: Favorite high school class? Why?
Amanda: Math, I love figuring out problems.

Prom Girl: Where do you want to go to college/what do you want to study?
Amanda: Miami, Florida. Not sure yet.

Prom Girl: Favorite song/artist?
Amanda: Anything by Ariana Grande.

Prom Girl: Favorite quote/motto to live by?
Amanda: You are the best of the best, forget about the rest.