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The Prom Guide - Advice for All Things Prom Related

Prom night can be one of the most fun and memorable events in your high school career. To avoid becoming overwhelmed while planning and prepping for prom, let this Prom Guide be your go-to source for all of your prom-related questions and concerns. As you plan for prom, learn some expert tips and tricks from picking the perfect dress to dancing the night away in style! For more than 20 years, savvy teens have relied on PromGirl for finding their dream prom dresses and making the most of their special night. Our newest Prom Guide offers a wealth of prom advice, including do's and don'ts that we've gathered from tens of thousands of prom experiences, to ensure that you'll have an unforgettable experience at yours! From budgeting for prom costs to planning for activities after the dance, this Prom Guide has all the prom tips you'll need.


Whether you're part of the prom committee or simply trying to gather information on your own about the cost of attending prom, planning is key. In this section of the Prom Guide, you'll discover tips and tricks on planning a budget and a timeline for managing your prom costs, as well as advice for the prom committee on planning an event your classmates will remember for years to come.

Prom Costs
Prom Committee


 Looking for prom dress advice? Here you'll find specific information on how to buy the perfect prom dress online, how to care for your dress from arrival to preservation, and how to spot a counterfeit prom dress website. Follow the tips in this section of the Prom Guide to create an authentic prom look that reflects your unique style, fits your body, and looks amazing.


Prom preparations got you down? Simplify your prom prep with this advice on hair, makeup, and nails to easily highlight your individual style and have a blast along the way. You'll also find advice on skin, health, and fitness preparations for prom to ensure you look and feel your best when you arrive. Follow the expert advice offered in this section of the Prom Guide, and you'll be prom-selfie ready in no time.


In this section of the Prom Guide, you will find advice on how to invite a date to prom in fun and unique ways with inspiration from popular promposals we've gathered from across social media. You will also find information on attending prom solo or with your besties. Whether you're attending on your own, with a prom squad, or with a date, this section provides the prom date advice you'll need to have an incredible night!


Here you'll discover what to expect on prom night, what to bring, and how to avoid last-minute emergencies, as well as what to do after prom festivities are over. Follow the suggestions in this part of the Prom Guide to prep your clutch or purse with everything you could possibly need while making prom memories that will last a lifetime.


Already browsed the rest of the Prom Guide, but still running a prom fever? Go above and beyond the basic prom advice right here. Pump up your prom dress feature knowledge with the glossary of prom dress fashion terms, or read up on prom FAQs to make sure you didn't miss out on any tips for making your special night an Insta-worthy dream come true.

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