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What color dress is best for you? Other than the style, color choice is one of the most important decisions when you are buying a prom dress, formal evening gown, or homecoming dress. Here at PromGirl, we offer an amazing selection of long dresses and short party dresses in a variety of shades and hues for all your special occasions.

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There are many fashion magazines and websites that detail how to choose the dress color that is right for your hair and skin tone, but the quickest and easiest way is right at your wrist. Stand by a window with natural light, make a fist, and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If you see mostly blue then you should probably chose cool tone colors, while someone with green veins should opt more for warm tones. A mixture of both means you have a neutral skin tone and almost any color is going to look good.

Seeing blue? Cool skin tones are usually found on girls with light blonde to medium brown hair with light green or blue eyes. Your skin is fair and you can easily get sunburn. Your best dress colors are varying shades of pink, blue, teal, white, and purple.

Seeing Green? Warm skin tone girls have darker red, black, or brown hair and hazel or brown eyes. Your skin is olive or beige with yellow undertones and it probably tans quickly. Your best dress colors are varying shades of earthy greens, orange, peach, ivory, brown, and bronze.

This year’s designer dress collections offer the newest shades for your 2017 prom gown or homecoming dress. Besides the forever in vogue little black dress, this year’s colors of choice included everything from chic and sophisticated neutral tone dresses to trendy bold and bright gowns that will make every head turn. We have stunning metallic silver gowns, red party dresses, elegant white dresses, and print dresses that are chic and unique.

Although the exact hue or shade of a dress may vary depending on your screen or monitor, here at PromGirl we take thousands of pictures in our own photo studio to give you the most accurate picture of our dresses and gowns. When choosing your dress color think about the image you want to evoke: classic elegance in a pastel ball gown, hip and on trend in a long orange dress or printed two-piece, or daring and bold in a sparkling blue cocktail dress or green mermaid gown. No matter what you chose wear it with confidence and always accessorize with your invisible PromGirl crown.