Here’s What To Expect at Your 2019 High School Homecoming

Start making plans for HOCO 2019!

High School Homecoming Is Usually On a Friday Early In the School Year
The first big high school dance of the year is usually the homecoming dance. It typically takes place on the Friday evening of spirit week (aka, the time of the year when everyone celebrates school pride and wears their school colors). Think of it as a week for everyone in your school to get excited about the year ahead. That week ends with a the homecoming dance to cap off spirit week. Usually it takes place on a Friday night but there are some schools that schedule it on a Saturday so be sure to check your school calendar. 

It Will Probably Either Be A Semi-Formal Dance Or Super Casual
Chances are good that you’ll end up going to plenty of formal dances throughout your high school years, but homecoming is not one of those. Some schools host homecoming on Friday night right after the big home football game and encourage everyone to arrive in casual clothes (like, as in jeans). That said, most high schools go a bit dressier with a semi-formal dress code. Translation: Instead of long formal gowns, you’ll want to look for a shorter dress. Knee-length dresses, dresses with high-low hemlines or even jumpsuits are all fair game! (Need ideas? We have 100s of super cute homecoming 2019 dresses right here on PromGirl.)

All Grades Are Invited to Homecoming 
Homecoming is open to all grades, freshmen through seniors. So if this is your first homecoming, prepare to see everyone–not just the other kids your age. Worried about being around all those upperclassmen? Don’t be. Chances are good that you’ll either go to homecoming 2019 with a date, a friend, or a big group of friends.

If It’s Semi-Formal, You Could Go With a Date
If your school’s homecoming is semi-formal, then some students at your school will go with a date. So obviously if you’re going out with someone, you’ll probably plan to go together. If that’s not the case, you might want to ask someone. Or, do it the old-fashioned way and wait for him to ask you. Our big piece of advice here: Don’t freak out if you don’t end up with a date. Homecoming isn’t a huge formal situation like prom. And that leads us to our next point...

...You Could Just As Easily Go With Friends
The truth is that having fun at homecoming is about the people you’re with. So unless the date thing works out, we think it’s more than okay (in fact, probably more fun!) to go with a group of friends. It could be all girls, all guys, or a mix of your favorite people. The point is that you spend the evening dancing with the friends you love (not freaking out over whether your date is having a good time). 

Even If It’s a Semi-Formal Attire, It Won’t Look Anything Like Prom
Yep, you read that right. Homecoming is not even close to the level of formality as prom. While you might wear a cute dress and you may even exchange corsages with your dates or friends, the dance itself probably won’t be as fancy (think DJ in the gym vs. band at the nearby country club). 

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