The zodiac is composed of 12 different signs, each with its own personality traits and characteristics. Learn more about your sign and see which prom trend matches your zodiac! 


September 23 - October 22

With the scales as their symbol, Libras value peace and balance in their lives. They are kind and intelligent and often put others before themselves. Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so their prom style will definitely be elegant and breathtaking. 

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MAY 22 – JUNE 20

With the twins as their sign, Geminis often have two different sides to their personalities: one they keep hidden and one they show to the world. Spontaneous, excitable, and playful by nature, their prom style will truly surprise and delight. 

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November 22 - December 21

Sagittarians tend to be wanderers who love to explore and refuse to be tied down by serious commitments and responsibilities. They are always on quests to learn and have new experiences. They are cheerful and spontaneous, and their prom style will mimic their endless energy.

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Aries is the leader of the zodiac, so naturally, they love to come out on top. They are adventurous and have a true zest for life. They’ll never be caught doing something just because everyone else is doing it, so when it comes to prom style, you better believe theirs will be as daring and unique as them.

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July 23 - August 22

Leos are represented by the lion...aka they’re super fierce. They tend to have big personalities and love to be the center of attention. It makes perfect sense that their prom style will be extra glamorous and bring all the drama to the dance floor.

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Independent and intellectual, Aquarians are the most humanitarian sign. They are focused on making the world a better place. They are unique, passionate, and eccentric, and their prom style will be sure to make a statement.

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August 23 - September 22

Virgos are logical and practical in the way they approach life. They invest themselves into their goals and tend to be perfectionists. They have a deep appreciation for fashion and material possessions, which means that their prom style will be ready for the runway!

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APRIL 21 – MAY 21

Taurus is represented by the bull for their fearless nature and hard-working spirit. Taureans are smart and trustworthy and they value stability and security. They enjoy the finer things in life, so their prom style will be the highlight of the night.

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June 21 - July 22

Cancers are emotional and sensitive, but since their symbol is the crab, it can be difficult to get to their soft side. Once you do, however, they will be a friend for life. They are highly intuitive and nurturing, and their prom style will be romantic and dreamy. 

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February 19 - March 20

As the final sign in the zodiac, Pisces are considered to be close to psychic. They are intuitive and imaginative and feel things very deeply. They are often drawn to fantasy, so their prom style will be beautiful and magical.

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October 23 - November 21

With the symbol of a scorpion, Scorpios are intense, passionate, and enchanting. They are often mysterious and set in their ways. They are unafraid to go their own way, no matter what others may think. Their prom style will be sultry and sophisticated and guaranteed to stand out.

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December 22 - January 19

Capricorns are patient, reserved, and hard-working and tend to be less emotional than other signs. They value success and will always get what they set their minds to. Capricorns believe presentation is everything, so their prom style will be put-together, practical, and drop-dead gorgeous. 

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