Get To Know PG Queen Brooke Hyland

From dance, to food, to fashion, our PG Queen has a lot of passions!

Promgirl: Where would you wear a formal dress now that you’re out of school?
Brooke: I actually just got invited to one of my good friend’s wedding, so I’m definitely going to wear a formal dress there, but I wish I could go back to homecoming.

Promgirl: Today we’re shooting at Phipps Conservatory, have you been?
Brooke: So, no I have actually not been to Phipps Conservatory. This will be my first time which is very weird since I live in Pittsburgh and it’s a very well known place.

Promgirl: How do you pick out your outfits in the morning? Walk us through your process!
Brooke: How do I pick out my outfits in the morning *laughs*, hmm, I don’t really have a process. It just depends on what I’m doing. If I don’t have any extravagant plans, I’ll just throw on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt or a t shirt. I usually just aim for whatever’s comfiest.

Promgirl: Highlight of 2020 so far?
Brooke: So I actually just got back from Europe! I was there for 35 days and I went to 9 countries and 18 cities. I made 11 best friends on that trip, so yeah definitely that. And I graduated college, so that was cool too!

Promgirl: Plans for post grad?
Brooke: I’m actually moving to LA at the end of next month, so I’m super excited about that. I have two roommates and, I’m gonna be a big girl, have a 9-5 job. I’m doing marketing in the fashion industry, so I’m super excited!

Promgirl: Describe your prom dress.
Brooke: Whenever I went to prom, all of my dresses were actually Sherri Hill. My senior prom dress was probably my favorite. It was royal blue and pure sequins! It was super pretty and I was obsessed with it and I’m so sad I have nowhere to wear it again.

Promgirl: What is your most used word?
Brooke: I have no clue what my most used word is, but the thing I say the most is, “What are you wearing” or “I have nothing to wear.” I have a lot of clothes and my dad would yell at me for saying this but I never have anything to wear!

Promgirl: What’s one thing you learned from your dance career that you can apply to life?
Brooke: One thing I learned from my dance career is that not everyone is going to want you to succeed and people are definitely going to try to knock you down. I learned to take criticism well, but let the negative parts go in one ear and out the other!Just try your best at all times because  that’s the most that you can do.

Promgirl: What’s your favorite memory with your sister?
Brooke: We’ve had a lot! I feel like when we were younger we were always fighting over clothes and everything. But since I went off to college, we’ve become a lot closer. We talk all the time and I feel like that’s very new to me. So some of my favorite memories are those heart-to-hearts we have where we catch up on life, talk about boys, and stuff like that. 

Promgirl: We’ve found your food insta! What made you want to start it?
Brooke: So it’s called “bitesized foodie” (@bitesized_foodie), if you don’t follow it, definitely go follow it. I used to eat out all the time, like I love food. Don’t we all? I was going out to eat and would get these beautiful plates of food! I would take pictures to the point where half of my camera roll was just food! And I was just like, I don’t have enough storage for this. So I started putting them on instagram to get them out of my camera roll. Then, it ended up like taking off! A lot of people were following it and I actually got offers from restaurants like, “Do you wanna come in and try some of our dishes?” So of course I was like “Oh my god, YES!” So yeah, that’s how that got started. 

Promgirl: Have you been dancing recently?
Brooke: Being in college put dancing on hold for a while. So the only time I’m dancing lately has been with my friends, out, having a good time. But I’ve been doing yoga a lot. So I’ve been stretching and keeping up with the flexibility. 

Promgirl: Any advice to young girls?
Brooke: I would say definitely follow your heart and do what you want. My whole life I was told that I was going to be a professional dancer, move to LA and whatnot. Here I am now moving to LA! But, I always wanted to go to college. I always wanted to get a degree. I did what I want and followed my heart by going to college. Now I have two degrees and I’m moving to LA, so yeah! Just follow your dreams and do what you want to do.