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Creative Ways to Use Your Homecoming Dress Again

High school teens wearing their homecoming dresses again.
After you’ve danced the night away at homecoming, is your gorgeous homecoming dress doomed to a dark and dusty life in the back of your closet? It certainly doesn’t need to end that way! There are many ways to keep your homecoming dance dress living its best life. Here are a few ways you can reuse your homecoming dress.

  • Dress Up Again: Do you have other semi-formal events on the horizon? You can rewear your homecoming dress to other school dances, especially if you change up your accessories for a whole new look! Semi-formal dance dresses also fit right in at weddings and sweet 16 parties.
  • Swap with Friends: Since homecoming happens every year, you could swap styles with your friends so that you all have a new look without spending more money. The junior dresses get reused, and you all get new looks!
  • Use for Halloween: Why not be a homecoming queen next Halloween? Rewear your homecoming dress and add in a crown, a bouquet, or other glam accessories to complete the queenly image. Or, if you don’t plan to use the dress again for a fancy event, you could even add rips and makeup to it for a scary zombie-esque costume!
  • Donate: When you’re all done with your homecoming dress, consider donating it! This way, others can wear your homecoming dress again as a new-to-them style. If you fell in love with it, then someone else is sure to be ecstatic at the chance to wear it too.

No matter how you choose to reuse or rewear your homecoming dress, it’s great to know it’s not guaranteed to be collecting closet dust bunnies! If you’ve already got a semi-formal dress that’s ready to be worn again, have fun planning its next adventure! If you’re still shopping for your homecoming dress, be sure to check out PromGirl’s collection of hoco dresses and rest easy knowing that you can get more than one use out of your purchase.

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