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Top 8 Homecoming Themes and How to Dress for Them

Image of a woman wearing a pink sequin v-neck dress and a second woman wearing the same dress in blue crossing the street.

We know what you’re thinking…Do homecoming dances even have themes? Aren’t those just for prom? PromGirl’s here to tell you that themes are not exclusively a prom perk! Homecoming dances DO have themes in most schools and dressing for homecoming themes can be an absolute blast! Let’s take a look at some of the best homecoming themes and how to dress for them.

  1. Through the Decades/Decade Dance Theme: This popular homecoming dance theme revolves around a specific decade or group of decades chosen by the homecoming committee.
    • Attire: The homecoming dress you wear will depend on which decade your homecoming committee chooses. You might go for puff sleeves for the ‘80s, disco-inspired metallics, sequins, bright colors, or psychedelic patterns for the ‘70s.
    • Shop the Look: Check out metallic dresses or sequin dresses for the ‘70s and puff-sleeve dresses for the ‘80s.
  2. Tropical Luau Theme: This is one of the best homecoming themes for tapping back into a little summer fun, especially if your homecoming dance is in the fall!
    • Attire: Go for homecoming dresses with big floral prints or in spring colors. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a round of fun and festive leis for you and all of your friends!
    • Shop the Look: Explore PromGirl’s collection of floral-print homecoming dresses.
  3. Great Gatsby Theme: This has been one of the most popular homecoming themes over the years thanks to the way it channels the glamorous vibe of luxurious parties and trendsetting fashion!
    • Attire: Dressing for this homecoming theme is all about fitted or sheath dresses with lots of fringe, geometric sequin prints, and colors like black, white, or silver.
    • Shop the Look: Here are PromGirl’s fringe homecoming dresses, and sequin dresses. Looking for a black, silver, or white dress? Shop dresses by color here.
  4. Old Hollywood/Red Carpet Theme: The perfect excuse to go all out with your homecoming dress and accessories, the Old Hollywood or red carpet theme is all about celeb-worthy looks!
    • Attire: While most hoco dresses are short, this theme is the perfect time to go for a long homecoming dress. Go fancy with longer, more formal styles, and pick styles with lux fabrics like satin or velvet. Off-the-shoulder or draped cowl necklines can provide a timeless red carpet look. Red, black, white, gold, or silver are classic colors for this type of homecoming dance theme.
    • Shop the Look: Explore a variety of long homecoming dresses here.
  5. Starry Night/Outer Space Theme: One of the things that make a romantic nighttime or mysterious space theme a top pick is that it’s the perfect time to bring on the sparkle!
    • Attire: Jump right into homecoming dresses with glitter or sequins. Stand out against dark backdrops with bright neutral tones like white or ivory, or softly glimmer in matching tones like black or navy blue.
    • Shop the Look: Check out PromGirl’s homecoming dresses with glitter or with sequins.
  6. Superheroes Theme: Certainly one of the most unique homecoming theme ideas, a superhero theme opens up so many stylish possibilities. Throw in a twist by making it a superheroes vs villains theme, and you’re sure to get all kinds of fun involvement at the dance!
    • Attire: When it comes to dressing for this homecoming theme, think of dresses in bold fun colors paired up with masks or sunglasses to hide your secret identity. And don’t forget to wear a bright matching cape! Of course, a superhero-inspired hoco outfit doesn’t require a dress. This is the perfect opportunity to explore a trendy romper or jumpsuit in order to mimic a superhero suit!
    • Shop the Look:  Take a look at some stylish rompers and jumpsuits here.
  7. Casino Night Theme: Hoco attendees love this homecoming dance theme because of all the fun games and eye-catching decor that go along with it.
    • Attire: Mini dresses suit this theme well, especially if they’re decked out in sequins or in classic colors like black, white, red, or gold.
    • Shop the Look: Check out mini homecoming dresses and bodycon dresses in this collection of sleek dresses.
  8. Carnival Theme: By far the best homecoming theme to extend the fun of summer into the fall season. Carnival-style games and decorations are bright, engaging, and totally will have you living like you're still on summer break for the night.
    • Attire: When dressing for this homecoming theme, choose hoco dresses in primary colors or with stripes. When it comes to features, think fun and frilly! You can’t go wrong with ruffles, feathers, or fringe for this theme.
    • Shop the Look: Shop homecoming dresses with ruffles, feathers, or fringe.

Now that you know what to wear for each of the eight most popular homecoming themes, let’s get you decked out in style for your school’s theme! Make shopping for homecoming dresses by theme easy when you explore the beautiful variety available at PromGirl.

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