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Wanna Wear Sneakers to Prom? Here’s How to Choose The Right Pair!

A row of three teens wearing a pale blue prom dress, a red prom dress, and a two-piece mauve prom dress.

This prom season’s hottest shoe may very likely be the sneaker. Here’s how to rock it.

The key to nailing any prom dress and sneaker combo is balance. How do you pick the perfect color, brand, and style to nail this look for prom 2020? Read on for how to choose prom shoes!

If You’re Wearing Sneakers With… A Structured, Strappy or Off-the-shoulder Prom Dress

Sneakers With A Structured, Strappy or Off-the-shoulder Prom Dress

Whether you’re going for a long or short dress, if the style is structured and the neckline is super open (like the off-the-shoulder design above by PromGirl), then you’re going to want to find sneakers that balance out your top half. Enter platform sneakers. The popular sneaker style for spring and summer may also be exactly the right style for prom. The extra bulky soles should be enough to balance out your neckline and give you more of an edgy prom vibe. Bonus if you’re on the shorter side: Platform sneakers will give you a couple extra inches.


If You’re Wearing Sneakers With… A Maxi Prom Dress

Sneakers With A Maxi Prom Dress

A breezy long maxi prom dress gives you total license to have fun with your sneakers. Rock a pair of comfortable prom shoes like playful sneakers in a bright color or pattern. Just make sure you’re choosing a sneaker that complements your prom dress color. So for example, if you end up buying a soft blush dress for prom, you could pair it with a floral print sneaker in the same pink color palette. (PS If you’re looking for more fun maxi prom dresses, check out our gallery of PromGirl dresses!)


If You’re Wearing Sneakers With… A High-Low Prom Dress

Sneakers With A High-Low Prom Dress

For sneakers that go with a high-low dress, we love everything from platforms to classic Converse sneakers. It really depends on how formal or casual you want to be about it. Platform sneakers are typically slightly more structured and are comparably more formal than Converse. One tip: Because you’ll be showing off some leg, just make sure to choose a shoe color that is complementary to your skin tone.


If You’re Wearing Sneakers With... A Cropped Prom Dress

Sneakers With A Cropped Prom Dress

Cropped prom dresses can look a little sporty and you could play that up with high tops in a fun color. Not sure you can pull off the high top style? Grab a pair of ankle-cut trainers in a soft blue, white or even blush.


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