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4 Ways to Use Your Prom Dress for a Wedding

Smiling girl in a navy prom dress that can be used for a wedding.

Can you wear a prom dress to a wedding? You sure can! Just because you bought a dress to wear to prom doesn't mean it is ONLY a prom dress! So go ahead and take that long or short dress back out of your closet and rewear it to a wedding. Whether you're trying to save money or you are still in love with the dress you wore to prom and want to wear it again, here are 4 ways to use your prom dress for a wedding:

1. Wear a long prom dress to a formal wedding - If you’ve got a long fancy prom dress, you could wear it as a guest to a formal wedding reception. You might even be able to use the same accessories you wore to prom (but maybe skip the tiara). As long as the color doesn’t match what the bride or bridesmaids are wearing, you can wear a glamorous long prom dress for black-tie level weddings.

2. Wear a short prom dress to a semi-formal wedding - If you’ve got a short junior prom dress, you could wear it to a semi-formal wedding reception. Have a long prom dress you want to wear? Well, you can have it shortened, and then voila! You can now wear your once-long dress to a semi-formal wedding without feeling overdressed! Again, be aware of the colors used for the bridal party so you don’t get mistaken for one of them!

3. Use your prom dress as a bridesmaid dress - Is the bride having you choose your own style and color of bridesmaid dress for her wedding? Then pull out your prom dress for the bride to consider, and you may save a pretty penny on your bridesmaid style!

4. Wear for part of the wedding when two dress styles are needed - Does the wedding you’re attending call for two different dress styles? Sometimes the wedding ceremony and wedding reception are held in two different locations or at two different times of the day. When this happens, you may be expected to wear a semi-formal style to one part of the wedding, such as a daytime ceremony, and a formal style for the other part, like an evening reception. If you’ve got a short prom dress, then you’re already set with a semi-formal style. If you’ve got a long prom dress, then you’re prepared for a formal evening reception. Either way, you’ll save money by re-wearing your prom dress for at least one part of the wedding!

Whether you’re a wedding guest or a bridesmaid for the upcoming nuptials, you can totally get your money’s worth from your gorgeous prom dress by wearing it again for the wedding! Simply use PromGirl’s tips on how to rewear a prom dress to a wedding, and you’ll be ready to celebrate the bride and groom in affordable style.

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