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Best & Worst Prom Dress Colors for Fair or Pale Skin

Teenage girl with pale skin wearing a navy blue prom dress.
Wondering which prom dress color best suits a fair skin tone? There are many hues that beautifully enhance pale skin, while other shades can wash it out or make you look paler. Whether you had no time to tan for prom or you’re embracing your fair skin tone, you can easily flatter your pale complexion by choosing the right prom dress color. Read on to discover the best dress colors for cool skin tones, as well as the ones you should consider avoiding!

Go for…
  1. Dark Colors - Among the best dress colors for cool skin tones are the darker hues. Go for emerald green, navy blue, or dark shades of purple when shopping for prom dresses for fair or pale skin, and your complexion is sure to glow!
  2. Pastel Colors - Also at the top of the list of best colors for pale skin are pastel hues. Within the pastel family, look for cool tones, such as baby or powder blue and lilac or lavender. Just make sure the shade is not too bright!

  1. Colors that Match Your Hair Color - That beautiful fair complexion will wash right out if you go for a dress that is too matchy matchy with your hair color. For redheads, skip red, pink, and orange gowns. Brunettes should avoid dark neutral tones like brown or mocha, and blondes should skip pale yellows and hues close to white.
  2. Super Bright Hues - Whatever the color, you’ll want to avoid the brightest shades, which will wash you out and make you look even paler in comparison. Neon formal dresses are also a big no-no for pale skin.

Now that you know how to choose the best colors for fair skin, it’s time to choose a gown that will beautifully embrace your pale or fair skin! If you’re in search of the dark or pastel colors that flatter, be sure to check out PromGirl’s collections of prom dresses by color to find a style you love in a color that suits you

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