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This or That: Dresses in Classic vs. Trendy Colors

Teen girls wearing beaded prom dresses, one in trendy hot pink and the other in classic navy blue.

When all the colors of the rainbow (and more) are at your fingertips, how do you choose a dress color? One way to narrow your choices is to consider dresses in classic or trendy colors. Whether you want to go for a timeless shade or the color of the season, read on to learn more about why you should wear classic or trendy dress colors.

THIS: Classic Color Perks

  • Timeless: Classic dresses come in colors that are tried and true, so they keep coming back for prom and homecoming each year. This means that, whatever the occasion or the year, your dress will always be in style. Prime example? Black. Black is a classic color for dresses that looks good on so many people and can be reinvented in so many different silhouettes. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see people wearing black dresses for every occasion year after year. Other classic dress colors you can expect to fit right in are neutral tones, like shades of white and gray, as well as navy blue and red.
  • Rewearable Appeal: Since classic colors are timeless and fit right in just about anywhere, you can really get your money’s worth by rewearing your classic dress! A black, navy blue, or red prom dress can double as a formal wedding-guest style or winter formal gown, while a homecoming dress in those classic hues could be worn again to semi-formal parties and dances.
THAT: Trendy Color Perks
  • Fresh New Look - Wearing dresses in trendy colors gives you a chance to try new hues that you might not normally consider, giving you a whole new look! Everyone has go-to staple dresses in their closet, but for once-in-a-lifetime events, why not go with a life-of-the-party color? Trying out the hot new color might even lead you to discovering a new favorite! It’s not every day that you get to wear neon pink or bright orange, but if these popular dress colors are what’s trending, then have some fun by giving one a try!
  • Trendsetting Style - With a trendy dress in a hot new hue, you’ll be a frontrunner of fashion! Simply choose your favorite dress design in one of the latest colors to stand out as a style diva at prom or homecoming. It’s time to go viral!

Now that you’ve got the skinny on both the timeless and chic hues for the season, it’s time to shop for your shade of choice! Check out PromGirl’s Shop Dresses by Color section so you can pick your favorite trendy or classic dress.

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