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Top 7 Dress Styles to Wear to a Holiday Party

Group of teen girls in sparkling short party dresses catching confetti at a holiday party.

Choosing the best holiday dress for your seasonal celebrations can really get you into a festive vibe! Just as there are many types of parties to attend this time of year, there’s also a gorgeous spread of winter holiday dresses to explore. From Christmas dance dresses to holiday cocktail dresses, narrow your options down by checking out the top 7 dress styles for the holiday season.

1. Sequin Dresses: Who says you can’t outshine those festive lights? In a sequin holiday dress, you’ll be sparkling even brighter as you walk among the radiant party decorations. If you’re ready to reflect the seasonal glow, take a peek at the gorgeous sequin dresses here.

2. Glitter or Metallic Dresses: Ever hear the Burl Ives song, “Silver and Gold” during the holidays? It’s a classic, and for good reason! Metallic and shimmering colors echo the sparkle of the season, so silver, gold, and glitter dresses fit right in at seasonal parties. Ready to glisten at your holiday gatherings? Take a look at the glitter and metallic dresses in this collection.

3. Dresses in Holiday Hues: It’s absolutely possible to wear a red or green dress without blending into the Christmas party decor! In fact, green or red holiday dresses naturally lend themselves to that festive feel. Other popular winter colors to consider this season are white, navy, and classic black (LBD, anyone?).

4. Sleeved Dresses: As the temperatures drop, opting for a dress with sleeves is an easy way to keep yourself warm on the way to (and at) your winter party. No need to worry about planning for a matching wrap or sweater when you wear a long-sleeve holiday dress. If you tend to run on the warmer side, you could go for a traditional short-sleeve dress or a trendy cap-sleeve dress. Explore the possibilities in this assortment of sleeved dresses.

5. Modest Dresses: Let’s face it. Many of the holiday parties you’ll be attending may involve family or co-workers, so you’ll want to make sure you have attire that keeps you comfortable at those kinds of get-togethers. Consider styles with high necklines or sleeves, as well as longer dresses that flow to knee or ankle length. Finding a good compromise between coverage and style is sure to make it easy to relax and enjoy that hot cocoa or cider with your loved ones.

6. Little Black Dresses (LBDs): Probably the most versatile option for any time of the year, a little black dress is a perfect go-to for holiday events. You may even be able to simply change up your accessories to make one classic LBD work for cocktail-style parties, semi-formal winter dances, and other festive activities. Talk about a money (and time) saver! If this sounds like a total win-win to you, check out a variety of little black dresses here.

7. Sweater or Velvet Dresses: Since it’s winter, it makes total sense to go for warm fabrics! Sweater dresses are super stylish for casual celebrations, while a velvet dress gives off a dressier vibe for winter dances, holiday cocktail parties, or even seasonal weddings.

Finding the perfect holiday or Christmas dress for you is sure to be a cinch when you consider those top 7 winter holiday dress styles. You can make it even easier on yourself by checking out the short holiday party dresses PromGirl has to offer. Whichever type of winter dress you choose, you’ll be prepared to celebrate the joy of the season in style.

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