Formal Prom Dresses for Apple Shaped Bodies

Apple figure dresses are ideal for creating a figure-flattering silhouette for ladies with an apple-shaped body type. An apple-shaped figure, which at times is referred to as “top heavy,” is typically characterized by broad shoulders, a wide torso, full bust, full waist, and broad upper back. When dressing an apple-shaped body you should focus on your best features and select dresses that will help to de-emphasize your ample waistline. By design, dresses for apple figures tend to draw attention away from the waist and direct focus to the bustline, arms, and legs, helping to create a proportioned and overall balanced look. Explore this collection of designer dresses for apple figures for prom dresses, semi-formal party dresses, and special occasion dresses. Be proud of your full figure and confidently flaunt your curves in a apple figure dress from PromGirl.

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