Prom Promise

And on the subject of behavior... The worse behavior hurts those around you, and in the most extreme cases, the people you leave behind. I'm talking about the very worst behavior, driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

THINK Prom Promise Contract


Prom Promise


The Prom Promise is becoming a life saving tradition and I think every school is adopting it. In essence, it's a promise made to your family, your school and your friends. Wherein you commit not to drink and drive. Here is a copy of the typical Prom Promise.


I, _______________________

Hereby promise to behave responsibly before, during and after _______________________'s Prom.


Date: ____________________

I commit to an alcohol and drug free prom night because I care about my fellow students, my community, and myself.

Signed by: _______________________

Student: _______________________

Parent: _______________________

Principal: _______________________


I WANT TO LIVE. I want to laugh, listen to great music and dance.

I want to have an absolutely great time at prom. The day after, I will relive it, hour by hour, with my friends.

I want to remember it. All of it.
I will not use alcohol at prom.