Bracelets and Prom Jewelry from Prom Girl

Brighten your wrist with a pretty, sparkley crystal bracelet or a beaded bracelet from Prom Girl. Perhaps, you would like an elegant pearl bracelet or a bracelet that is a combination of pearls and sparkles. We have gold and silver bracelets to complement any dress. Prom Girl has a wide selection of fashion jewelry and costume jewelry for you to choose from.

Buy HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Aquamarine at PromGirl
  • Silver Base/Aquamarine Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Aquamarine
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Clear at PromGirl
  • Silver Base/Clear Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Clear
Buy Silver Bangle at PromGirl
  • Silver

Silver Bangle

$60.00 LEC-ClassicSilverBangle
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Sapphire at PromGirl
  • Silver Base/Sapphire Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Sapphire
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Gold-AB at PromGirl
  • Gold Base/AB Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Gold-AB
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Pink at PromGirl
  • Silver Base/Pink Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Pink
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Olivine at PromGirl
  • Silver Base/Olivine Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Olivine
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Gold-Clear at PromGirl
  • Gold Base/Clear Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Gold-Clear
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Black at PromGirl
  • Silver Base/Black Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Black
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Gold-Topaz at PromGirl
  • Gold Base/Topaz Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Gold-Topaz
Buy HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Emerald at PromGirl
  • Silver Base/Emerald Crystal


$23.00 HH-JB-P001200-Silver-Emerald
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