Read what some of our happy PromGirl customers have to say!
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Read what some of our happy PromGirl customers have to say!

"Hi, I bought my formal dress from you and it was just perfect. I felt incredible. Thank you so much!"
- Kara B.

"I LOVE my ball dress, thanks PromGirl!"
- Emma W.

"Everyone at the wedding thought she was stunning and amazed we had bought it online from America - we are in Northern Ireland. Jennifer is in a wheelchair following a devastating accident during gymnastics practice this time last year, but as you can see, she looks great."
- Pamela S.

"My student was tickled with the dress and said she felt radiant and beautiful."
- Wendy M.

"From the minute I saw this dress on your website, I knew that it was perfect for me! I got heaps of compliments on it at my semi-formal and it made me feel like a princess. Thank you PromGirl for your amazing dresses and outstanding service."
- Caitlan C.

"PromGirl has been the go-to website for me! Since my sophomore year I have been buying products from this website and I have loved every single dress. My favorite moments are opening up the packages after the very anticipated arrival date! I love PromGirl!"
- Gaby G.

"PromGirl was easy to use, delivery was prompt, and the fit was perfect. We will definitely recommend and use again."
- Cathy S.

"I used PromGirl for my bridesmaid dresses in my wedding this past year! They looked great!"
- Shannon F.

"Thank you PromGirl, I love my new dress from you guys. I am going to start getting dresses from you every time I have a special occasion."
- Eryka

"Loved the Sherri Hill dress...looked amazing!"
- Rita H.

"Thanks PromGirl, I really love my dress!"
- Denisse D.

"Thank you so much PromGirl! You made my night magical!"
- Kaitlyn B.

"I loved the dress; it fit perfectly. It was true to color, size and features. I am a satisfied customer."
- Maddy D.

"Thank you PromGirl for my amazing dress - it made me feel so pretty. Thank you so much!!!"
- Sarah V.

"This dress was so amazing to wear. It made me feel and look like a princess. Such a simple but outstanding dress that didn’t just win me the competition - it also won best eveningwear!"
- Emma McInnes, Miss Teen Galaxy International

"Thanks so much for such GREAT quality dresses! My husband has just come home from deployment and I wanted to look perfect."
- Georgina L.

"I really love my dress. I wore my dress to my country's Sierra Leone Music Award."
- Merah K.

"Thank you Promgirl for my beautiful dress! It was perfect for my Prom and I got a bunch of compliments. I live in South Africa and was extremely pleased when I received my dress. I waited only eight days for it to arrive and it was stunning!"
- Nicole Löwe