Prom Dress Terms and Descriptions

Now we need to find the perfect prom dress for you; you must decide what looks best on you. What you wear to prom depends on you and your image. The accessories can help you decide your style; but when picking a prom dress, it is important to understand prom dress terms so you can be better prepared to choose the prom dress which best flatters your body type.


  • Princess or A-line prom dresses skims your outline forming an A. The A- line dress is narrow near the waist and flares out to the hem.
  • The Ball Gown can either have a top with a fitted waist or you can choose one with a corset style top. Both tops work with the Ball Gown’s large, billowing skirt.
  • The Empire is a neckline that is scooped out with a high waist that falls above the natural waist (think of such movies as A&E’sPride and Prejudice and Age of Innocence).
  • Then there are the various types of sheath prom dresses that cling to the body. • You also have different types of sleeves.
  • There is the cap sleeve, which is short and only covers the shoulders and upper arm. This style of sleeve really shows off toned arms.
  • Juliet sleeves puff at the shoulders then taper to the wrist.
  • There are also sleeves which start just below the shoulders. This is a good option for anyone who wants to show off nice shoulders and neckline without having to invest in a wrap in case of cool weather.
  • Of course, you could also go with spaghetti straps which are very thin straps, as the name implies, and no sleeves.
  • You could also be daring and show off a little more skin by going with a strapless prom dress.  There are also so various necklines to consider...
  • The Sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top of a heart on your prom dress.
  • The Jewel neckline on a prom dress is a round neckline just above the collarbone.
  • There is the Bandeau or Boat neckline, which skims the collarbone (think of a sailor).