The Night Of

Advice for Prom Night: Planning and Preparation

The time for choosing what to wear to prom has finally come! But, how to start? Some girls know exactly what they want in a perfect prom dress, whether it be a curve-hugging mermaid dress in sleek satin or a regal ball gown with layers of lush tulle. Others are ready to explore the possibilities among the countless design details on formal dresses for prom, from sequins and beading to lace appliques and embroidery. Wherever you are in the process, this Prom Guide has tips for finding your ideal style and size, advice for prom dress shopping online and avoiding the disappointment caused by counterfeit dress sites, as well as information on how to care for your dress before, during, and after prom.



Whether your dream prom night is from the pages of your favorite fairytale or or more like a walk down the red carpet for a celebrity-inspired black-tie experience, having an idea of what to expect on prom night will help you enjoy the festivities to the fullest. Including your day of prom prep, your ride to prom, the event itself, and the after prom activities, this section of the Prom Guide is chock full of helpful advice on what to expect at prom.

With all the excitement surrounding prom night, explore this section of the Prom Guide for advice on what to bring to prom so that it is ready before you rush out the door. Prom tickets, makeup for touch ups, and comfy shoes for after prom are all essentials to consider bringing with you. And of course, don't forget to pack your phone or camera in your prom bag to capture those priceless pics! Here, you'll discover expert advice on the must-have items to remember while getting ready for prom night.

Keeping calm and being prepared is key to dealing with a prom night emergency. Whether it's dealing with a messy eater or just unfortunate bad luck, we've all heard the horror stories of prom nights gone wrong. "I sat in gum on prom night," or "My sister snagged her prom dress getting out of the car," and the list goes on and on. Don't fret! Your prom emergency kit essentials are covered in this section of the Prom Guide. From stain removers to bobby pins, pack an emergency kit that would make Mary Poppins jealous. Explore the tips and tricks found here on how to avoid prom mishaps, as well as how to deal with prom emergencies if they do occur.

Good manners can make you impress at prom just as much as any sparkling accessory. Make a good impression that will last much longer than prom night by making all the right moves and avoiding the sneaky habits that could unknowingly turn others away. All of the prom night do’s and don’ts are just as important as they are easy to incorporate in your prom planning. Explore the breakdown of prom night manners here and see what a difference a little “please” and “thank you” can do for you.

The official prom is over, but the party doesn't stop there! Get ready for round two: The After Prom. In this section of the Prom Guide, you'll discover advice on what to do at different after prom activities, as well as what to wear. From suggestions on after prom themes and budgets to tips on picking a fun and safe environment to keep the party going, here you'll find all the information that you'll need on how to plan the best after prom event.

Treasured for years to come, prom memories are a priceless part of the ultimate prom experience. Whether it's picture-perfect selfies, professional prom pictures, or the awkwardly-fun candids, share your pictures on social media with hashtags and fun filters. Although photos reign supreme, they aren't the only prom keepsakes to cherish. Explore this section of the Prom Guide for advice on how to preserve your prom flowers and your prom dress, as well as how to save favors and mementos from prom night to create a scrapbook of prom memories.