Party Tips

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Tip # 1 We suggest hosting a getting ready party for the girls and guys separately. For the girls, bring in a "mobile spa" that comes to the house and does all the girls' nails and/or hair. Serve some good, light eats and some refreshing cucumber mocktails to keep everyone energized.

Tip #2 Some funny questionnaire or Mad Libs would be a great way to spend the afternoon pre-prom before the boys arrive.

Tip # 3 For the guys, well, they are dudes, so some good music, little sliders and mini hot dogs, chips and dip will keep them happy.

Tip # 4 Leave the curb in front of your house clear for the limos or cars the kids will be taking so that everyone can get good pictures of the kids getting in and out without worrying about traffic or other cars blocking the view.

Tip # 5 Create photo areas in the yard and/or inside the house before people show up at your home so that you aren't re-arranging furniture during the mad rush of everyone trying to take the best photo.

The big night is finally here!  Learn more about what to expect on the night of prom from our guide:

Prom Night What Ifs...

You walk in to the prom on the arm of your dream date(subject X). Or worse yet, you unfortunately are the dream date on the arm of some other guy who asked you. You see your actual dream date(subject Y), on the arm of somebody else because you just couldn’t wait for him to ask you. Jeez… and since the guy you’re here with(X), asked you first and they’re friends(X + Y), you knew if you said no to him(X), his friend(Y), wouldn’t ask you… okay enough of that soap opera. You walk in. Your gym has been transformed into a tropical paradise, an oriental garden, a punk rock club, a 70’s Disco, or whatever direction the Prom Committee took. I told you to get on the Prom Committee. If you had taken my advice you’d at least have had a say in what you’re walking into. X or Y notwithstanding.

You see the really cute substitute science teacher who awakened your interest in atomic energy. He is there as a chaperon with his wife who looks as if she was really pretty at one time – before she grew to the size of a house. The best looking senior in the school, (not in your opinion just everybody else’s) is already leaving because she’s had an accident. It appears the tons of laxatives she’s been taking to fit into her way too small gown didn’t know when to stop. Not really… but wouldn’t that be great?

Okay, so what really happens on Prom Night?

At last, the moment you have been prepping yourself for is finally here! Are you ready? Did you prep properly? Prom night is a night that every girl will remember. Do yourself a favor, and get a camera! You should also have plenty of rolls of film on hand. Take pictures of everything from getting ready for the big event to the post prom party. Trust me, you’ll want a kickin’ scrapbook of this night and photos will help you to remember everything!

Be sure to allow plenty of time for everybody’s parents to take pictures (and ooh and ahh). If at all possible arrange for all of the parents, relatives, and friends to meet at one house. This can cut picture time down dramatically. Also, you can get a lot of great pictures with your friends and their dates. If you get a limo, be sure to get plenty of pictures beside the limo, getting into the limo, and sitting inside with all of your friends.