Prom Committee Titles and Responsibilities

(and What they Mean)

  • Chairperson – I suppose he or she is the boss of the prom. If they want that responsibility, let them have it. Somebody has to make final decisions, or you’ll have graduated and they’ll still be arguing over what the theme is.
  • Vice Chairperson – is really here to make decisions if the Chairperson is not around!
  • Treasurer- takes care of all the expenses, the budget, and the ticket sales.
  • Secretary- takes notes of all the dealings that go on in the meetings…especially who is designated to what job! (This way if anyone is slacking you’ll know just who it is!!)
  • Decorations- these people are in charge of buying all the prom decorations.
  • Flower- this person is responsible for picking out the flowers & distributor.
  • Music- takes care of hiring the band or the DJ.
  • Food- takes care of all the food decisions.
  • Site Chairperson- is in charge of picking out where the prom is to be held.
  • Faculty Advisor- this is teacher of faculty member that is foreseeing all the decisions being made.
  • PTA liaison- takes care of finding responsible chaperones.