Prom Sub-Committee Responsibilities

A sub-committee is a group of students that sign up to work on a specific area within the prom committee.

 Sub-committees can be broken up as follows:

  • Marketing/publicity - Their job is to inform as many people about as many things regarding the prom as possible. This includes info for a website, sent to the public about the events leading to the prom, and publicity about fund raisers or prom business.
  • Fundraising -This department creates revenue to insure the prom happens.  Things like bake sales, car washes, and dances.
  • Ticket committee -This committee chooses the actual info that will be printed on the prom ticket, along with setting up a schedule to sell tickets, and keeping track of all ticket sales.
  • Decoration committee -They’re in charge of the site decorations. A big job!
  • Site coordination committee -Their job is reserving the site and insuring proper parking.
  • Security -Security is the hosts and hostesses of the prom (generally your teachers and parents).
  • Entertainment committee -This committee is responsible for booking the DJ, or hiring a band.
  • Photo committee -It’s their job to find the professional photographer for the prom.
  • Menu committee - Works with the catering company to develop a menu for the prom. 
  • Favors committee -Researches and purchases the favors or souvenirs that will be handed out.
  • Clean-up committee -Arrange clean-up after prom.
  • Royal court committee -If you are having a king and queen the committee organizes the method and balloting that will select the royal court.