Schedule for Prom Committee Organization

Where is it going to be? What are the colors? What’s the theme? What are we going to do when the prom is over? 

  1. Make a worksheet I have given you the basics, but there may be special prom related things you would like to schedule in your planner. And make the first item SAVE MONEY!
  2. Early 4th month If you’re not on the prom committee now, get on it! By this point things like the budget, theme, date, and even band should be reviewed... 
  3. Late 4th month Start to work on getting the place. Menu, invitations, favors, and possible chaperones need to be picked. It’s never too early to start planning that post-prom blow-out!
  4. Early 3rd month Start making final arrangements on important things like location and band. Chances are, there are a few schools in the area that like the same things you do!
  5. Late 3rd month Make it personal! Don’t forget yourself in all the excitement! Make transportation arrangements. Reserve a corsage. Work out!
  6. 4-6 weeks ahead Make sure ticket sales are happening. Deal with seating arrangements. Get those invites out to the faculty.
  7. 1 month ahead Double check on everything! Confirm reservations on flowers, transportation, “Post-Prom” party, photos and chaperones. Is EVERYTHING okay with the band? 
  8. 1 week ahead Confirm the caterer and the facility. Make sure everyone who needs to be paid is paid