Medium and Long Hair Styles for Prom

Romantic prom hairstyles       Fun prom hairstyles

Cute prom hairstyles       Sleek prom hairstyles

Romantic prom hairstyles:

Curly locks: Romantic and lovely, there is nothing more alluring than soft natural curls. If your natural "do" don’t curl, there is always the curling iron, or your ever faithful hot rollers.

Sidelong Glances: Use hot rollers on all your hair to start. Tease the top for lift and then pull it to the side in a low ponytail. Rhinestone barrettes can add the final flare! Finish with a gloss, or glitter spray.

Bouncy Beauty: Hot roll hair in medium size rollers and pull it all back in a beautiful headband.

Fun prom hairstyles:

Electro-punk: Use a rhinestone tiara to secure the front, then section the back and put small ponytails all over. Wrap your hair around the base and leave it tousled and wild! Zap! You’re it!

Twisted Tease: It’s hard to go wrong with braids! There are millions of types to experiment with: basic braids, single variation, double variation, crown, multiple strands, and many more! The easiest thing to do is pick up some "how-to" books or videos on braids, or try looking up hair braids on the internet. You can also ask your favorite beauty parlor if they know any fashionable twists. They’re just beautiful with flowers or ribbons weaved in.

Cute prom hairstyles:

Sweetie Pie: If you like the innocent look, think about bold, bouncy, natural ringlets! Use your fingers to comb through it and lightly spray. If your hair needs a little help curling, try loose pin curls until it dries. Add tiny clips and a sweet smile!

Sleek prom hairstyles:

Sophisticate Chic: Wanna look exotic and mysterious? Try slicking your hair back into a tight ponytail and adding a faux bun, or hairpiece. This is a no fuss "do" that looks super sophisticated, and won’t have you primping all night.

Sleek & Stylish: Try the "Sophisticate Chic" with a flare! Part your hair on the side and add a light pomade or anti-frizz solution for the sleek look. Zig-zag your part and add a pretty barrette if you like!

  • Remember, you can change your length instantly with the use of add- ons, falls, or extensions. A hairpiece is just like an accessory once you get used to it. Ask your local hair stylist for advice. This for a very dramatic change!
  • Once you have mastered the perfect looking "DO," finish it off with spray on shine or shimmer dust! A little glitter will make any hairstyle look ready for the ball…