Renting a Limousine for Prom

If you’re looking for a sure fire way to feel like a superstar, rent a limo! It’s exciting, much safer than driving, and best of all, it’ll allow you and your friends to spend more time together.

  1. One person should be in charge of the arrangements. There’s a lot to do, so make sure it’s someone who will follow through, make good choices, and not wait until the last minute.
  2. Limousine companies are all over, and can easily be found in the yellow pages. You can also check out the internet.
  3. Don’t settle on the first company you call. Get quotes from several different limo rental companies. Prices can vary greatly and you’ll want to get the package that suits your needs.
  4. As you plan, remember that most limousines can seat anywhere from 2 to 18 people. Some can fit as many as 24!
  5. It’s a good idea to reserve your limousine at least four months in advance. The demand can be overwhelming during prom and graduation season. You’re also dealing with wedding season! Early reservations will guarantee a fair price and the car of your choice.
  6. Make the payment at least two weeks before your prom. If the limo is pre-paid there is a better chance they will show up.
  7. A couple of days before your prom, you should call the company and ask all of the appropriate questions:
    • Get the name of the person you are talking to 
    • Get a confirmation number
    • Get an emergency contact #
    • Find out your driver’s name
    • Confirm addresses of all pick-ups
  8. Make sure you allow enough time! Things like pick-ups, picture taking, and travel add up. You don’t want to be late, or be rushed!
  9. Make sure everyone agrees on the after- prom plans before the prom! Don’t waste time debating. The key is to have everything planned in advance.
  10. Discuss tipping before the limo arrives. Typical tipping for a limo is 20%, but some companies include this fee in the total charge. Not only is it bad planning to discuss the tip while the driver is there, but its bad manners. And a happy driver can make your experience even better!