Manicure Advice for Prom

Imagine that you are wearing a gorgeous dress with your hair all done up. You stroll into the prom and then look at your hands… AAAhhhhhh!!!! Dirt underneath your nails and jagged edges! Nails are critical to your overall appearance. For a do-it-yourself manicure, just follow these steps:

Steps to Follow:

  1. File your nails with an emery board; don’t use a clipper. Nails should be filed straight up at the sides, and not filed inward. The thinner your nail, the finer the emery board should be.
  2. Cuticle softener should be applied to the edges of the nail. Massage in gently.
  3. Soak your fingers in warm soapy water. If fingers are discolored or dirty, dissolve a tablet of denture cleanser into the water first.
  4. Use a cuticle pusher/cutter to push the cuticle back.
  5. Massage moisturizer all over your hands.
  6. Remove any excess oil with a cotton ball and an astringent (like witch hazel or lemon juice). This is necessary to allow nail polish to go on smoothly without bubbling.
  7. Apply a base coat and allow plenty of drying time (at least 30 minutes).
  8. Brush on a one-coat polish.