Advice on Getting Smooth Legs and Arms for Prom

SALON VS. HOME WAXING: It’s possible for you to wax your legs at home, but just like many other cosmetic/beauty procedures a professional has more experience and can do the job better, faster, and with much less mess! The hair needs to be pulled at an angle, and yanked quickly and consistently; this isn’t always easy (especially on the back of your legs). If you try to self wax at home, I strongly suggest you practice well in advance of the prom! Warning: it hurts!

EYE BROWS: The shape of your brows depends on your own personal preference. Fortunately, styles are loose, with a “whatever floats your boat,” kind of attitude, but keep in mind that your eyebrows can affect your whole expression. Too small and you may look bitter, too high and you may look constantly shocked! A good way to determine your brow shape is simply by seeing what looks good on others. Look through a few current fashion magazines and see what brow shapes look good on faces that are shaped like yours.

I believe the first time you shape your brows get them professionally done. Rely on someone else’s experience and skill. If you choose to do it yourself, follow these guidelines: Warm hair and skin aid in the tweezing process. Take a hot shower, or hold a warm washcloth on the area before tweezing. Never use ice. Ouch! The pores tighten and it makes plucking painful. Remember to pull in the direction the hair grows and pluck only one at a time. Warning! Eyebrow hair grows slowly! Don’t make mistakes...The beginning of your brow should be aligned with the center of your nostril below it, and extend a bit past the outer corner of the eye. The arch should fall over the outside third of the eye. Use an astringent when you’re done. This will prevent infection.

BIKINI AREA: This area is difficult, even for a professional. I would suggest getting this done at a salon. This is one area not to mess with!

FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL: Consult a dermatologist for the best method for facial hair removal. Facial skin is sensitive and you don’t want to do damage. SHAVING: The razor is the number one method of hair removal. It is quick, easy, and inexpensive. There are a bunch of shavers out there; personally I like the Mach III. It is best to shave in the shower. The warm water opens pores and softens the hair follicle, priming the skin so shaving is more comfortable. There are also many wonderful shaving creams. I prefer the ones that contain aloe.

DEPILATORY CREAMS: Creams are a good temporary solution. Unfortunately many women tell me their hair is too coarse to be removed this way; although I have been told that some women use depilatory creams like a shaving cream for a super smooth shave. As with all other procedures, be sure to test it well in advance of prom night.

ELECTROLYSIS: Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis are intense forms of hair removal. Both are good, but in many cases the procedure needs to be repeated a few time to remove hair permanently. Also be prepared to spend all the money in your piggy bank. These methods can be expensive.