Prom Memories

Preserving Prom Memories: From Scrapbooks to Selfies

Who doesn't love a good selfie? Whether you prefer digitally sharing selfies or turning the pages of a scrapbook, you're going to love looking back on your favorite prom memories when you’re older. . . so don’t hesitate to snap away! Take your own pictures, get professional posed photos, or opt for the best of both worlds with a mix of fun and formal shots. Some highlights from the big night, such as dance-floor shenanigans, jokes with friends, or the crowning of the prom king and queen, are best experienced beyond the limited two dimensions of a photograph. Start recording or live streaming to capture these moments on video. By taking videos, rather than pictures, you can relive the sights and sounds of those big moments. Looking back at your memories, you’ll be glad you did. Once all the prom pictures and video clips have been taken, what’s next? Preserve those prom memories in scrapbooks, as professionally framed photos, and shared social media, to name just a few possibilities. Explore the tips below for ways to save those precious prom memories.

Imagine future-you kicking back and reliving the funny moments and quotes from prom day that you captured and preserved. That future-you is sure to appreciate all the little treasures that you save and compile now. Try taking notes of the hilarious jokes and exchanges, if you missed capturing them on video, so that you can use them later for posting online or writing into your prom scrapbook. Simple items, like dried prom flowers, favors, and keepsakes are sure to enhance your pictures when incorporated into a prom scrapbook or shadowbox frame. Use social media to double or triple your collection of memories by sharing your selfies, candid shots, group photos, or videos with all your friends. With the advice in this section of the Prom Guide, make the most of your prom experiences in the moment while preserving them for you to enjoy in the years ahead.