Preserving Your Prom Memories

Ten, twenty, or maybe even thirty years from now you'll want to sit back and reminisce about the "good old days." One memory you'll probably want to relive is that of your prom. There are many ways to help you immortalize one of the most special nights of your life. Find out everything from how to press the flowers in your corsage to instructions on creating your own Prom Night website.

Keeping a Prom Memories Journal

If you want to remember everything about your prom night, it's a good idea to start thinking about it early so you can begin saving keepsakes. One of the best ways to remember your whole prom night experience is to keep a journal. You should begin writing your journal months before the actual prom so you will have plenty to refer back to later on. Record all sorts of details and thoughts (even the little things). Later when you look back on this stuff you'll be glad you wrote everything down. Your journal can then be supplemented by a scrapbook with photos, flowers, and other mementos.

For your journal you may want to buy a separate book to write in. You are going to be surprised at all the things that happen to you in the next few months. A journal is a nice way to keep in touch with your emotions.

Scrapbooking Your Favorite Prom Memories

Many stores sell scrapbooks and magnetic photo albums. There are many to choose from. I suggest starting off with something medium to large sized. It is much easier to spread out the stuff you have then transfer all that stuff to a larger book if you run out of room. Here are some other important archival hints:

  • Keep the album and your keepsakes away from sunlight.
  • When buying materials be sure paper is:
    • Archival
    • Acid Free
    • Ph balanced
  • Store everything in a cool, dry box.
  • Keep photos away from light, heat and humidity.
  • Don't cut Polaroid pictures. Cropping Polaroid pictures releases chemicals from inside the photo. These chemicals can destroy your photos and are harmful to you.
  • Be careful when writing on the back of photos. Don't dent them, and make sure the ink doesn't bleed through.

It's always important to have items (not just photos) to put in the scrapbook. It adds dimension and character to your book. And don't forget smells! Your olfactory system (smelling) is one of the senses most strongly connected with your memory. Spray some of the perfume you wear to prom on the inside back cover.

Keepsakes for Your Prom Scrapbook

Here's a list of some important items you might save, but remember these are just a few suggestions. A keepsake can be anything at all. It is anything that will stir memories or emotions of this special night!

  • Your dress, or clippings of dresses
  • Fabric swatches
  • Make-up smudges or a good face shot
  • Funny Quotes and comments
  • How your date asks you, or vise versa
  • Ticket stubs
  • Invitations
  • Napkins, favors, and other souvenirs
  • Local newspaper articles about the prom
  • Songs you likes, or you danced to
  • The prom theme
  • A copy of the menu
  • Your "best dressed" girl/guy picks
  • Flowers from your corsage
  • Photos! Photos! and more photos!

Begin collecting keepsakes early. Use them to trace your prom journey from thoughts, to plans, to party!


Before you begin your scrapbook, you might need to do a little prep work. First you'll need all your supplies. Pick up any decorating supplies you might need like stickers, markers, and things to keep it all together like tape, glue, and ribbon. You'll also want to make sure the supplies won't damage your photos, the paper or your keepsakes. If would also be a good idea to read your journal, if you kept one, so that you have an idea how you felt throughout this time. It may inspire you with your scrapbook.