Spotting Counterfeits

How to Spot a Counterfeit Prom Dress Website

We've all heard the counterfeit dress horror stories. You order your perfect prom dress at a steeply discounted price from a site that had a designer image and even lets you have it custom made to your size to avoid costly alterations! Suddenly, it's mere days before prom and there's still no sign of your dress, or it arrives looking like something your little cousin glued together for a school project. Avoid the stress, aggravation, and potential loss of money by taking the time to check out a trusted dress site when you shop online. Authentic designer prom dresses always come from an authorized prom dress retailer, so it's important to do some research before placing an online order. A little time now can save you from heartache before the big night. For more tips on how to protect your prom night dreams (Oh! And your money and identity!), check out these FAQs about avoiding counterfeit prom dress sites.