Formal Place Setting

Place Setting image
  1. Serviette (napkin)
  2. Service Plate
  3. Soup Bowl
  4. Bread/Butter Plate
  5. Water Glass
  6. White Wine Glass
  7. Red Wine Glass
  8. Fish Fork
  9. Salad Fork
  10. Dinner Fork
  11. Service Knife
  12. Fish Knife
  13. Soup Spoon
  14. Dessert Spoon
  15. Cake Fork
  16. Coffee & Tea Cup
  • If you can't remember which fork you eat with, just remember to start from the outside and work your way in.
  • The very first thing you do at the table is place the napkin in your lap.
  • Break slices of bread or rolls in half or into small pieces before buttering.
  • Wait for everyone in your party to be served before beginning the meal. If for some reason your meal is late arriving, give all permission to begin.
  • If for some reason you need to remove something from your mouth, a good rule of thumb is however it went in comes out.