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One group of prom-sters took a crash course in etiquette at a local country club. The boys wore suits and ties (no tux required). They socialized graciously under the watchful eye of a charm school veteranĀ a la Amy Vanderbilt. I'm sure it was unlike anything seen in their school cafeteria. These high school students were taught to socialize gracefully and eat with proper table manners.

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Movie Tip

Remember in Pretty Woman when the hotel manager gives Julia Roberts a crash course in table manners and etiquette? You might want to start by renting that movie.

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Try This At Home

You can seek out an etiquette specialist; search the Web. If you think hard you probably know somebody who's civilized. Organize a Saturday lunch. Get dressed up and practice eating a meal for reasons other than satisfying your hunger.

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Commonsense Etiquette


Marjabelle Young Stewart

Saint Martin's Griffin

"When faced with a plate of food the basic goal of the considerate diner is to transport the food to the mouth as unobtrusively as possible."

- M. Young Stewart,
Commonsense Etiquette

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Amy Vanderbilt