General Etiquette Guidelines for Formal Events

Here are some general Guidelines that will help you in the manners battle ...or "common Sense" Etiquette

  • Think before you speak.
  • Try to remain patient with the world around you, and resist the temptation to react when presented with bad behavior.
  • Approach life with an attitude of respect - treating everyone you encounter with thoughtful regard.
  • Be aware that your actions, both good and bad have a cause and effect.
  • How you present yourself to the world is how people see you. Your inside is invisible to them. It's not just being a good person that matters; it's how you present that good person.
  • Careful planning and a relaxed attitude will help you sail through most social situations.
  • The secret to successful social interacting is to make others feel comfortable.
  • Have fun while being considerate of others; don't let it be perceived as a chore. Remember sincerity is everything - so even if you have to, fake sincerity ...Just Kidding.