Diet & Exercise Advice for Prom: Getting Started!

To get started, you should eat right. This means that you must cut back on fatty foods and sweets. Sweets turn carbohydrates into fat. Fat-free is not the only thing you should look for. Avoid high calorie foods also. If you really needĀ some munchies try theseā€¦

  • Any fruit
  • Any veggie
  • Pretzels without salt
  • Yogurt
  • Water ice
  • Freeze pops (check calories and fat first)
  • Lollipops

Be sure to drink eight glasses of water a day. This not only makes for healthy skin, but also fills you up.

Work Out Time!

Play some music with a great beat to get you going. Always warm up, stretch, and cool down. In addition to 30 minutes of aerobics, you may want to tone the areas that your dress emphasizes. If you take pictures of yourself in your prom dress, you can focus on the areas that you need to work on.