Advice on How to Gracefully Decline a Date

Uh, oh!  Mr. Not-So-Right has just worked up the courage to ask you to the Prom.  Don't panic.  It’s not as bad as you think. Try these simple rules to stay cool, and to let him still think you're all that!

Do Be honest.  Tell him you're flattered and you're   glad he thought of you.  Then explain your situation.  "I already promised my friends we'd all go together," or "There’s someone else I was planning to ask."

Don't dangle the carrot in front of him.  Saying maybe is the ultimate in bad manners.  If he’s a suitable second choice, then you should ask choice #1, to insure Mr. Almost-Right doesn’t have time to find another date if #1 falls through.  Then you can be the decision maker.

Don't Lie. Claiming you’re skipping the prom will come back to bite you.  He’ll see you there and you’ll look like a total jerk, and feel even worse!

Do consider his feelings.  Treat him with respect and be genuine when you see him in the halls.  He’ll come out of it with a not-   so bruised ego, and you’ll have one more admirer in the world.