More Dating Crises and Suggested Solutions

What else could possibly happen?

Dilemma #6: Your date doesn’t show.
So you are all ready and waiting for your date to arrive. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting…
Solution: The first thing you should do is try calling his house. If nobody answers or you don’t know his number, call up some of your friends that are going to prom. Ask if you can hitch a ride with them, and try to enjoy yourself as best you can. Believe me, there may be a million reasons he didn’t show, and you can deal with that later! Leave word for him if he shows at your house, and go to the prom anyway.

Dilemma #7: Your date leaves during the prom.
You take a minute to fix your make-up and hair in the ladies room and when you return, your friends inform you that your date left with his buds to start the partying early.
Solution: Don’t take it personally! If a guy can do this on one of the most special nights of your life, then he is a real creep! Just finish the night off and have fun without him. Your friends will be there to bad mouth him, and cheer you up. Be glad you found out now, before anything serious developed.

Dilemma #8: Your date is bored and wants to leave.
Your date doesn’t seem to be into this whole prom thing. He’s had that “is it over yet,” look on his face all night. When you try to talk to him, he tells you how bored he is, and asks you if you want to leave.
Solution: Tell him how important the night is to you. If he doesn’t understand or just keeps complaining, let him go home. He’s not worth your time if he can’t sacrifice a little boredom for your sake. 

Dilemma #9: Your date picks out the gaudiest outfit on Earth.
You didn’t have time to go with your date to pick out his tux, but you did tell him not to clash with your dress. Well he shows up and it doesn’t matter what dress you would have chosen; He clashes with everything!
Solution: Well…it’s his prom too. Okay, so it was inconsiderate of him to get such a flashy outfit, but what can you do? It’s already time to go. Just go and have fun. Whatever you do, don’t cry and ruin the make-up that took forever to put on. Who knows, this may put you in the yearbook a bunch of times. At the very least his tux will be a topic of conversation.

Dilemma #10: Oops! Your date is shorter than you when you wear heels.
After pondering over whom the perfect prom date would be, you choose one. And the winner is___________(fill in the blank with prom date). He’s funny, smart, sweet, and…short!
Solution: Don’t ever let any bit of vanity get in your way. Beauty is only skin deep. Just don’t let this problem get any worse, buy flats. If anyone dares say anything, don’t hurt his feelings. Just smile, and say “he’s perfect,” and continue with your perfect evening.